Texas Street Food Festival 2024

Texas Street Food Festival serves a taste of cultures

By Christine Vo, The Shorthorn Managing editor 



A cultural hub landed in Arlington over the weekend, where attendees found Mexican street corn a step away from Thai-style yakisoba and grilled birria wings.

From competitions to live music to food vendors and shopping tents, the Texas Street Food Festival hosted activities for all ages. 

Stuck on the dance floor, Dallas resident Melissa Perkins’ sons, Mason and Kaden Miller, were awestruck seeing break dancers for the first time. The pair learned some moves while sharing their own with the crowd. 

Perkins attended the event with her father and cousin, seeking a “Sunday Funday” activity together to have a good time, hang out and eat some good food, she said. 

This is not staff member DJ’s first go-around. He does crowd control and competition hosting, working before the crowd shows up and after the last guest leaves. 

“I love people. I love my team. They make it easy without them. I wouldn't be able to do it,” he said. “The energy, the vibe, I think it's part of my character.”

Not only does he work behind the scenes, he makes his presence known on the dance floor. 

“That's what makes the party good, when you see somebody who's hosting the party, enjoying the party, it makes the crowd enjoy it more,” DJ said. 

The energy starts as guests walk through the door, greeted with a boost from DJ. 

“That's how we start it, the good energy at the door counts,” he said. 

DJ brings that energy throughout the festival, taking Arlington resident Melanie Garcia, 31, into the stein-holding contest. 

Garcia was just getting started at the festival when she passed her drink to her husband, prepared to compete and show her kids ”we can win.”

The countdown began from 10 as Garcia prepared to hold a beer glass for over three minutes, not dropping the pint until the trophy was in her hand.


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