Thousands Pack Arlington Restaurant To Watch Cowboys Game

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – While thousands of Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks fans enjoyed the game from AT&T Stadium, thousands of other fans watched from Texas Live! Saturday in Arlington.

Texas Live, which opened last August, was the next best thing for many fans who wanted to watch the game.

“Being here, and being so close to the stadium, you know, the energy from people going to the stadium, and the people going here, it feels like home,” said Shamaria Knowles.

Knowles watched from a balcony view inside the restaurant. She said she tried to get a good spot early.

“Uber,” said Knowles. “I got here at 3 o clock. “It’s still crazy to get a seat. But we’re just in the building, around good people. That’s all that matters.”

Any sign of Seahawks fans was swallowed in a sea of blue, white and silver.

“A Cowboys wild card game no one predicted us to be here,” said Knowles. “So of course, everybody’s trying to get tickets. Prices are going up. Parking’s like $90 right by the stadium. I think this place is perfect. It’s free to get in, free to watch the game.”

Outside, long lines wrapped around the block. Security monitored the crowd to make sure the venue didn’t stretch over capacity.

“The tickets are way too high,” said Jennifer Brooks. I’m broke,” she said laughing.

A group of fans snapped selfies and swapped stories, waiting to get inside.

“We’re just talking and staying and positive, and ready for the Cowboys to win,” said Raquel Scott.

Doors close at 2 a.m. Officials said this is the biggest game day crowd Texas Live has seen since opening.

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